Whether you need to create a new B2B digital commerce platform, migrate to a different platform, or optimize your current solution, Zaelab has the solution you need.

B2B Industry Accelerators

Zaelab accelerators are pre-customized platform modules for B2B industry-specific features and requirements, which can be deployed quickly and efficiently. These accelerators are built on Zaelab’s continuous delivery model and allow for fast B2B implementations in manageable, weekly sprints. Zaelab provides B2B accelerators for the following industries:

  • Healthcare For medical device companies and hospitals, this accelerator optimizes the assessment, ordering and maintenance of complex medical equipment and services.
  • Manufacturing This accelerator streamlines B2B digital commerce for manufacturers, including ordering, delivery, merchandising, and price optimization.
  • Energy The energy accelerator assists in implementing highly secure, complex B2B commerce for all types of energy providers, from wind and solar to nuclear power.
  • Distribution Manage warehouse, delivery, inventory, and other distribution processes, with this accelerator, providing easy access for field staff as they make daily B2B digital commerce decisions.
  • Associations This accelerator assists in specialized B2B digital commerce services for trade groups, providing training, content, products, and events for members.
  • Aerospace & Defense This accelerator optimizes B2B digital commerce for complex products and services, with features such as currency conversion, trade management, and advanced transaction security.

B2B Field Sales Mobile App

Zaelab’s B2B Field Sales Mobile App serves field reps in on-the-go professions such as construction and manufacturing. The app helps a sales person or floor manager determine the need for additional parts, engines, or equipment, place the mobile order, and store/see information about past orders in an easy, mobile-optimized user experience.


B2B Rapid Platform Migration

Are you currently working from an outdated platform and looking for a more streamlined, efficient system? Zaelab provides consulting and migration services from common industry platforms onto SAP Hybris. These prebuilt migrations via our Hybris conversion kits allow you to drive B2B digital commerce with the most up-to-date, easiest to use technology.

CPQ Implementation

Zaelab’s Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) platform provides best-in-class configuration tools, pricing, and approval workflows. By consulting with our e-commerce specialists, your sales team will be able to assess complex pricing and demonstrate that information in real-time to current and potential clients. Zaelab can assess your current CPQ system, as well as provide suggestions and software implementations to improve your B2B e-commerce processes, sales flow, and user experience.

B2B Strategic Assessment and Benchmarking

Zaelab’s strategic consulting team uses site assessment, customer research, executive interviews, industry best practices, and competitive analysis to design a customized roadmap for creating a best-in-class B2B digital commerce platform. Zaelab also offers on-site programs to educate, share best practices, and build consensus among B2B digital implementation teams, such as its day-long B2B Digital Commerce Bootcamp.

B2B Cloud Services

Zaelab can configure, set up, scale, and manage your B2B cloud infrastructure, leveraging our experience in B2B digital commerce across hundreds of implementations.

B2B Integration Layer And Backend Commerce

We support most enterprise-grade systems and can integrate with new ones. We integrate natively with Hybris, Magento, Demandware and Oracle ATG.